Elodie M Richard



Elodie M Richard - Working at the atelie

Unlike a superficial society that gets lost in ultra consumption, Elodie creates a refined, symbolic and meditative world in which  evolves the human figure. Her work focuses on the notion of ''Identity''. In a world that is dominated by performance and speed, the care that we give to our interior life can be the source of an inner revolution, of great upheavals, which indicate how free we truly are.

Elodie shows us the world as we do not perceive it, by exploring and defining a new possibility of seeing things, and the space in which we try to exist as individuals. ''My painting shows something that we don't see. It invites the viewer to a different vision, emotion and prolonged inner thoughts.''


The viewer is invited to  look at an artist who is doing a contemplative and deeply investigative work around the notion of identity, and gives us a chance to better know the aesthetic of a unique voice, influenced by the school of Polish posters from Warsaw, Poland, non-objective geometries of Russian Constructivism and the interior scenes and light work of Danish painting. Combining graphism and bold colors to a deep atmospheric work, Elodie’s paintings are frozen essences of a humanity that is simultaneously alien and familiar.

Cultural identity, storytelling and imagination impact her contemporary graphic language and art.  She often incorporates humor and irony to her work, as the paintings may seem vibrant but they camouflage an uncertainty in our modern times.