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    Elodie M Richard



My art focuses on questioning the notion of Identity. Why? Most probably because I have an experience of growth in life that is very unsettled, and this, since my childhood. Constantly moving, restarting from zero, and between connections and disconnections, still constantly learning, somehow growing with an eye wide open on my environment. I often think that our modern world is dangerously swallowed by technology, high speed, and communication tools that actually alienates true communication. What is essential and vital to humanity is forgotten. We think we are connected but we in reality are more and more in total disconnection, with ourselves, with others and with our natural environment.

Identity is the way we perceive and express ourselves. Identity is a very broad theme to grow and a lifetime exploration of humanity.

To understand my approach of art, one has to understand that the journey, between connections and disconnections, symbolisms, a sense of memory and loss, is an essential part of the creative process itself.

My work currently explores the relationship between the individual (''The Missing Room''), the modern world (''The modern caveman'') and a more primitive and ancient humanity (''Throwing the Bones''). With influences as diverse as the existentialist Albert Camus, modern architecture (such as Bauhaus), the not so known Polish School of graphism and Posters (Warsaw), and prehistoric cave art from The Valley of Man (Dordogne, France), new tensions are created from both orderly, graphic, linear work and random layers, textured and a more sculptural, engraved work.

What starts out as contemplation soon becomes a ''time travel'', between our origins and modern world, between continuum and lost memories, leaving only a sense of what could have been and the inevitability of a new synthesis.

As momentary phenomena becomes transformed through diligent and personal practice, the viewer is left with an epitaph or a opened door to the edges of our human condition and the urgent necessity to ''reset'' our world with new priorities. ''If the viewer does not pause to question, even just for a moment, his role in our current world, and wonder about the vulnerability of everything that we take for granted, nature, our lives included, then I would have failed with my intentions''. Elodie M Richard


©  Elodie.M  Richard.

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