Ukraine (February 2022 - present)

Identity at War is a journal of war, reflecting what is happening in Central Europe (Russian invasion of Ukraine, since February 2022).

The pages of the journal are thick and 100% cotton, Elodie M. Richard uses watercolor, black ink, metal leaf, natural pigments, to express her own emotions and graphic interpretation of Ukrainian Identity at War. The artist project goes further with the will to donate the money earned by ordering and selling prints of each artwork. (Donations go to the French Foundation to Ukraine) - This is an ongoing project. You can follow the evolution of this project on the artist's instagram page (Go to : ''Contact Me'' page , Click on Instagram logo)

Copyrights: Elodie M. Richard owns this project and is the author of all these drawings. Each one of them has an Official Public Record, Code number with date of creation. 

The Dove of Peace
The Invasion
Pierogies for the Soldiers  _edited.jpg
For Peace
The Last Sun
Cry the Bed
Mother and Child