Elodie M. Richard was born in France but with a complex heritage including Polish and Russian. Due to her father’s career in the Army her family  had to regularly move and adapt to new locations in France and abroad. Her life path as a child and adult is made of travels and regular changes of geographical locations, constantly balancing between feeling of loss, challenges and new life starts. Among her many memories, Elodie keeps a strong feeling of Germany and her experience of the historic Fall of Berlin Wall in 1989 (she was 14 ) , and more recently in 2019, the meaningful and incredible story of her journey in Poland where she would meet for the first time her Polish family that was lost since WW2.

Elodie comes from a very artistic family and since  an early age shows a profound need of creating art. She keeps vivid memories of her artist grand mother, and as self taught would learn painting techniques by copying ancient Masters. At 19 years old she studies Fine Art, Art History and Archaeology at the Louvre School in Paris, while working on archaeology diggings at the European Research Centre in Mont Beuvray (Burgundy, France). She spends 5 years at the Louvre School thanks to which she acquires knowledge in Fine Art practice, art theories, art collections, creation techniques, iconography, the birth of religions and spirituality and how those are expressed through art, history and archaeology.  In parallel of her classes, she continues to spend hours training her eye and her hand by studying and copying ancient masters and sculptures of the Parisian Museums. Elodie gradually emancipated herself from those influences to grow her own artistic expression.

Elodie M Richard