In 2021: Clare Radigan, President of Beaux Arts Central Florida (Art Organization): ''I have known Elodie Richard for four years, having met her while we were both exhibiting our work at the Hub on Canal. She posesses an intense artistic temperament and intellect, including her knowledge of art.  She is acutely aware of her positioning in contemporary issues.
Elodie, who has lived most of her life in Paris, France, naturally brings to her work a fusion of Cubism, Expressionism, Surrealism, and Social Realism.  In one of her paintings, ''The Book Eater'', one sees a perfectly balanced monochromatic composition in red, boldly outlined in white. This outlining technique is a frequent feature of her work, a device that guides the viewer through the work like a city map, emphasizing the importance of her message. The painting tells the story of an intellectual who has fallen into homelessness, with no way out but through ravenous reading of books of every kind.  
In 2020, soon after the Covid pandemic took hold, Elodie gathered a body of work named ''Life in the City''.

In 2018: J.A.Akoun, World Leader in art market information since 1985

Artist Value Certification with a mention saying ''We were deeply touched by your work''. (July 3rd 2018). Official Certification and Price Value available on request.

(J.A.A: art dealer since 1973. He was born in Paris in 1947 and more precisely at Montmartre near the Place du Tertre so dear to the great painters of the 19th century. At the age of eight he met Utrillo. At eleven he learnt a great deal at Desnos's side. At fifteen he was close to Heuzé (He is today the expert on these two artists). Victor Brauner at 72 Bis de la rue Lepic encouraged him in this art which is life. Following the advice of Camoin, he tried his hand at painting and sold Montmartre street urchins to tourists in the Place. He also kept company with Csaky, Gen Paul, Moretti, Lagage, Naly, Oguiss, Quellier, Rouault, Gougerot, Zingaro, Dubuc, Dupuis, Lourenço, Bonas, Delval etc...He became a regular and assiduous visitor to antique markets and auction rooms before becoming dealer then expert in auction rooms at Drouot.)

Peter Landis, writer:  at the occasion of ''Unveiled'', Elodie Richard, Solo Exhibition,

April 2018, Mackay Gallery, The Hub on Canal (New Smyrna Beach, Florida)

''I saw the show at the Hub and I was overwhelmed I want to go back as soon as I can. There was so much going on there and such a high level of technique that I was too excited to stop at any one painting. Congratulations on a stunning and provocative showing. Thank you''



Christopher Goodfellow, Art  Collector: review  written at the occasion of ''Unveiled'', Elodie Richard, Solo Exhibition,

April 2018, Mackay Gallery, The Hub on Canal (New Smyrna Beach, Florida)

''Interesting art of two young artists worth seeing.

Last night I went to New Smyrna for the openings of Élodie Richard at the Hub and Sara Pedigo at the Douglas.

Elodie Richard, from the south of France but with a complex heritage including Polish and Russian, presents a series of work around the theme of identity. Each of her paintings expresses many layers centered around this theme which we all have - time, place, family, culture that make up our individual identities.
Each canvas has a story; some surprising. Elodie can only be described as a deep thinker and I can only say she paints her heart if you stop to listen to the story behind each painting.

White lines are common in her work expressing boundaries and paintings are interspersed with solid color panels and areas of gradation that lend a luminosity that appears to come through the canvas from behind.

Elodie and her husband also an accomplished artist live in New Smyrna Beach and work out of L’ Atelier d' Esther''.

Julie Fazzini:

(Account Executive at The Leith Agency ''The Old Ambulance Depot'', Edinburgh, Scotland)

''Elodie is a fantastic artist and photographer, and we were delighted to invite her to exhibit in our art gallery.''(LinkedIn, 2012)



Russell Hansen :

(Artist, Master Photographer, Retoucher at Hansen Fine Art Studio)

Elodie has a great imagination that she is able to illustrate with her artwork. Her talented artwork is full of life and wonderful. (Linkedin)



Barbara Dr Aust Wegemund (Expert Contemporary Art):

''Hello Elodie, your works are exciting!! Yesterday I have got a message from Nina Torres Fine Art Gallery in Miami. The gallery manager is planing a curated group show, 4 weeks in december during Art Basel week. This could be an option for you to jump in the art scene!''. 


Marie Claude Baldi (artiste peintre)

Très belle galerie, originale, variée, fascinante. De la liberté, de l' imaginaire, de l' évasion. Une artiste singulière, talentueuse, sensible. (Art Majeur, 2013)



Martine Moreau (artiste peintre)

''Heureux le peintre qui , de cette façon , dépasse les termes de son art . Vision amplifiée , aérée , tracée sur l'air et sur l'eau , sur le jour et la nuit . Cette toile fait pleuvoir sur nous des poignées d'énigmes , d'appels qui murmurent sans parler , de silences à la mesure de ce qui nous entoure et qui se tait . Magnifique !!! ''

''Le regard se perd délicieusement , dans un monde désencombré , tamisé , où l'essentiel est à son aise . C'est à peine si l'on ose avancer , sur ces clartés friables . Et pourtant , c'est comme une voix qui commente le monde en se mêlant à lui , nous faisant pressentir la force des choses , malgré leurs douces façons d'agir . Alors , le spectateur qui regarde , respire la profondeur comme un souffle salvateur ... Cordialement ''

''Ici, la matière s'exalte dans un mouvement superbe , la voilà qui montre ses atomes , une chair qui suinte à vif , et l'au - delà remonte à la surface ... Une œuvre qui par l'intensité des bleus et des noirs , juste soulignés par le rouge , est d'un magnétisme certain ... Bravo , Elodie , et belle continuation ! ''

''Une intensité rare , qui nous met dans un face à face , avec la grâce de ces instants éphémères , qui nous traversent pour nous faire entrevoir le Mouvement de la Vie , qui nous émeut et nous accompagne ... Magnifique photographie !!! ''(Art Majeur, 2012)



Mireille Stuckens, Albens, France (Artiste peintre) ''Beaucoup de diversité dans votre travail!! j'aime particulièrement la page photos noir et blanc, très belles atmosphères!!! Bravo!!'' (Art Majeur, 2013)


Suze Vilas Boas , Minas Gerais, Brésil '' (Artiste peintre) Adorei seu trabalho, parabéns!!!! ''(comment from art website 'Art Majeur'', 2013)


Gerard Van Velzen, Zwijndrecht, Pays-Bas (artiste peintre) ''Thank you for your kind comments. I love your work, very versatile! ''(from art website ''Art Majeur'', 2012)


Alberto C. Alberto C. Favara, Italie (artiste)  Saluti dalla Sicilia....Congratulazioni per la vostra arte! Buon lavoro. Cordialmente...(from art website ''Art Majeur'', 2012)



Gerald Tron (Director of Medoc Culturel, France) ''Bravo! Merci Elodie d'avoir choisi la Maison du Patrimoine pour cette exposition!!''(from Visitor's book, 2013)


Amandine (Gallery visitor, Saint- Germain d'Esteuil, France)''Des toiles sensibles et habitees..Une belle rencontre..De la profondeur dans le fond et la forme''(from Visitor's book, 2013)


Philippe (Gallery visitor, Lesparre, France) ''Inspirations et techniques variees, des couleurs douces et propices au reve.Une tres belle exposition, un tres bon moment de peinture'' (from Visitor's book, 2013)






Artist Interview, August 2020: 

Location:  Jane's Art Gallery, 199 Downing St, New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

Link to the interview:


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