Elodie.M Richard


In parallel of my larger artworks, I am exploring the boundaries and possibilities of working on small formats to see how these studies evolve and connect to my larger pieces. The interest for me being how composition, balance and imbalance will be at play in a 8''x8'' restricting square or in a 11''x14'' space. The subject matters deal with dramatic aspects of what defines humanity, often the titles will bring a touch of irony and contradiction with the subject. I started this approach of my work during the pandemic in 2020, which implies confinement, restrictions (implying finances restrictions, and art material limitations and isolation), the colors and palette are limited and can often be very saturated, the lines are often broken, the characters are less geometric and become more fluid and expressionistic which is interesting to me. The vision I created in the larger pieces (see my page ''Current Work'') is getting distorted radically for emotional effect in order to evoke raw moods or ideas. 

©  Elodie.M  Richard.

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