Elodie M Richard


(Current Work)

Throwing the bones is an ancient divination technique where bones, shells, stones, coins, and other curios are thrown and the pattern in which the objects fall give insight and answers to questions. Cultures from all around the world have bone reading systems, from Africa to Asia and from North America to South America. Bones represent the last earthly traces of the dead, and seem to last forever. They symbolize the indestructible life, yet, also mortality and the transitory. With flesh, they also represent earth. To me, bones have everything to do with mankind's universal identity.

My textured ''bones story'' seeks to somehow put us, modern animals, into perspective, with the essence of what connect us at deep levels to Earth and thus, to ourselves.''

Texture is progressively built by applying several layers of a flexible marble powder paste on small format canvas. The format is voluntarily small to increase the tensions. The wet paste is being scratched, sculpted with some repetitive line patterns that are inspired by the linear work expressed in my graphic art. One can also recognize some of the characters that are present in my graphic work. On this rich and thick texture I then build up multiple layers of paint, using also natural pigments and charcoal, or dry pastel pencils, until I reach a level of visual effect of depth and richness that is expressive and strong.